Analytics saves resources for the planet, which is an obvious and simple statement. At SCANBA, we teach analytics to help businesses become more efficient and sustainable.

To truly make a difference through our work, we’ll need to scale. But we want to do it in a way that helps people live better.

We want you to share in the success of our online school and take part in changing the world for better through analytics. That’s why we’re inviting you to become a SCANBA affiliate.


Who is the SCANBA affiliate?

Put simply, an SCANBA affiliate is a distributor – a person who attracts new students to the courses for a commission. SCANBA affiliates earn a 50% commission for each new student they attract.


Reasons to become a SCANBA affiliate

Here are three reasons why people choose to become a SCANBA Affiliate:

  1. You’ll earn 50% commission on EVERY course your peers purchase after you introduce them to SCANBA. With SCANBA courses ranging from $49 to $99, it doesn’t take long to make substantial extra income.
  2. Your colleagues and social media followers will love the business analytics expertise they gain from the SCANBA Direct and Online courses. You’ll help your friends learn and grow!
  3. As the SCANBA community grows, so does its power. By bringing more people into the SCANBA ecosystem, you give them more chances to discover, network and find career opportunities.


How the SCANBA affiliate program works

Each SCANBA affiliate has their own set of unique affiliate links they use to direct new students to SCANBA online courses.

If a student’s first-ever visit to SCANBA Online happens via an affiliate link, the visit will be tracked so that if they make a purchase, the affiliate will be credited for that sale.

This will happen even if the visitor doesn’t sign up for a user account on the SCANBA Online site right away. If they come back up to 30 days later to sign up and make a purchase, it will be credited to the affiliate. The first visit is the key.


How to become the SCANBA affiliate

Fill out the form below. You will recieve an email from us with all the information.

Become a SCANBA Affiliate!

    1. Get a 50% commission for every online course sold
    2. Automatic PayPal payouts
    3. Dedicated technical support
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

I highly recommend that you register with our social network, SCANBA Direct, where you will be provided with all the support you need. Just instant message me if you need help.

For SCANBA Online registration, it’s best if you use the same email as the one you use for your PayPal account. SCANBA affiliates automatically receive their commissions via PayPal. However, it’s okay to register using a different email, because you can set up your PayPal account later in the SCANBA Online affiliate settings menu.


How to access your SCANBA affiliate links to the courses

After you are assigned the role of ‘Affiliate’, signing into SCANBA Online will automatically take you to your affiliate menu. You can also hit ‘Affiliate’ in the navigation bar at the top of the SCANBA Online site to find this page.

Your affiliate menu contains:

  • General Affiliate Information: Details of your commission rate can be found here. SCANBA Online affiliates receive a 50% commission.
  • Your Affiliate Links: Unique product codes are listed here for you to share with your audience. You can also use the Homepage Link, which can be appended to any URL that points to the SCANBA Online site (e.g.,
  • Financial Reports: Here you can see your commission totals, a breakdown of your individual commissions, your payouts, and the number of visitors who have come to SCANBA by using your affiliate links.
  • Settings: You can change your PayPal linked email address here.


How to distribute the SCANBA online courses

Distribution is as easy as sharing your affiliate links with your peers. Here are some hints:

  • Post the link on your social media page.
  • Tweet the link with your notes on the course’s value.
  • Recommend the course to your colleagues.
  • Place your affiliate link in your email signature.
  • Post the link on your blog.

We’ve created one more thing to help you share the courses. Along with your affiliate account, you will receive a HTML code snippet that can be inserted into any webpage. And when I say *any* web page, I mean it. The HTML code is a <div> block with a picture of the course and your affiliate link already embedded. The result looks like the widget below:

If you have a SCANBA Certificate, it’s a good idea to take a photo of your smiling face with the certificate and place it next to your affiliate link.

Be creative!